Prologue, 2012



Single chanel video installation, colour without sound, 4:00
(loop); C-Type print, 30 x 60”

She squats against the wall with her head between her knees and her legs in her arms.
Her hair tarnished by the light hangs to the ground. It hides the face and whole front of the body. The left foot is crossed on the right. She is the north.
It goes without saying that only vanquished hide their faces though not all without exception. Standing or sitting with head erect some content themselves with opening their eyes no more.
It is of course forbidden to withhold the face or other part from the searcher who demands it and may without fear of resistance remove the hand from the flesh it hides or raise the lid to examine the eye.
The hair of the woman has thus many time been gathered up and drawn back and the head raised and the face laid bare and whole front of the body. - S. Beckett