Inhabited, 2020 -21 

Inhabited presents a series of images alluding to the grids and systems modern architecture has devised to be 'inhabited' by our bodies and life. The images place us back into a world we are able to recognise, but at the same time, Dudek's work with colour points out once again to the uncanny resemblance with the skin. The pink of the walls connects their surface with the industrial latex from previous works, also making a reference to the life contained within the concrete walls of these mass habitation units.

The images in Inhabited -shot in the district of Chelas, in Lisbon- add to the Dudek's critical view of mass habitation projects, first developed in a series entitled Settlements. These images portray the failure of the gridded building plan and its homogenising effect, for Dudek the dream of the communist era. Thinking of ongoing concept of the clash of opposing forces in Dudek’s practice, this would be the ultimate expression of containment.



Giclee Prints on Hahnmuhle Baryta Archival Paper 
Aluminium Nielsen Frame w/ Museum Glass
80 x 100 cm 
Edition of 2 + 1AP