Forms Undone, 2015

In this series Mia Dudek’s images are designed as a ‘living organism’. It presents her seminal egg-shape ballon sculptures, fragile-looking objects that resembled broken vessels or fragmented forms, composed with fragments of photographic imagery of pregnant women and cages.

Artist used the technique of casting plaster inside rubber forms (balloons, condoms, etc), through the gravitational action on the liquid and solidifying material. By photographing the atom like, biomorphic shaped tiny objects and collaging them with different fragments of human body the artists is attempting to soften the material, putting it in motion and altering its proportions. Fascinated by the small, fleeting, seemingly incidental, fragile things in the natural world the artist photographed her mini sculptures set within the different body landscapes, as well as staging a number of site-specific works using shell-like forms.

Inspired by work of Alina Szapocznikow, this series is built on a dense mesh of potent and dynamic references, re- versions and unexpected new departures – a record of hesitation and the search for a new language.


I - X 

Inkjet Prints on Rice Paper,
Nielsen Aluminium Wood Coated Frame,
Dimensions Variable
Edition of 3 + 1AP