Born in Sosnowiec, an industrial town in the south of Poland, Mia Dudek spent her teenage years in Warsaw, before she moved to London to pursue her studies in photography. After completing her BA at London College of Communications (2012) and her MA at The Royal College of Art (2016), she expanded her practice to installation and sculpture – in which she is currently completing a PhD at the University of Lisbon.

Moving across media and changing home countries – from Poland to England to Portugal – Dudek developed a singular language of expression related to depictions of the domestic and urban spheres. In her practice, the artist continuously probes the relationship between the body and the architectural fabric, while exploring notions of intimacy, displacement and inhabiting.

Verging between archival fever and nostalgia trip, Dudek has spent the last decade creating a tender, personal register of big bloc architecture and its interiors. They are most often rendered as photography prints but also take the form of seductive sculptural and installation works. Juxtaposing elements such as raw concrete and hard metals with soft expanding foams and organic materials like latex and resin, Dudek’s homely installations are evocative – and at times suggestive – of the day-to-day activities of their supposed inhabitants: soaking in the bathtub, tanning on the balcony or killing time by the carpet hanger – a design staple in the residential areas in Central and Eastern Europe. Adding to the allure of Dudek’s environments are the uncanny, erotic photographs of the multicoloured oyster mushroom, which often proliferate on walls and in corners of rooms designed by the artist – as if proving that life forms can find their way even in the harshest of habitats.

Dudek’s work has been featured in a number of exhibitions around Europe as well as in publications, including Source Magazine, LYNX Contemporary and 24 Artists to Watch by Modern Painters, December 2014. In 2018 she has received the Special Jury Anamorphosis Prize for her self-published book MDAM, which is now in MoMA Library Collection in New York.  In May 2019 Art Forum has featured in Critic’s Pick her Marsyas show in Galerist, Istanbul curated by Nick Hackworth. Since then she exhibited at art fairs like Unseen, Arco Lisboa, Contemporary Istanbul and Photo London, where her works has been feautured by The Guardian “Best of Photo London 2022”. In 2023 Dudek will present her two solo shows in Lisbon and Warsaw as well we exhibit her works during National Photo Festival in Darmstadt, Germany. 

The main focus of Mia Dudek's work is addressing the legacy of brutalist architecture and its relationship to the body, investigating notions of displacement and 'organ habitation’.The work asks: Can a dwelling considered to be a body with skin and entrails? Is the body a form of erotic architecture? The artist investigates the notion of broken physicality between individuals and represents the abstracted, fragmented body, detaching and reformalising it into new structures. Restrictive environments are inescapable but also contain otherwise formless and fluid bodies that threaten to spill over the borders of inanimate structures.

- Olivier Richon

The veins in Mia Dudek’s depicted models’ skin conjure a sense of fragility and allude to a translucent and corporeal surface that has sensitivity to touch. She confronts not only her photographic works but also viewers with works like Body Recasts, a large concrete structure through which Dudek has echoed the texture of the skin, metamorphosing and embodying sensory consciousness to an unyielding, inanimate object. Her work tries to build a physical poetics of holes as conduits for an engagement with the audience to address questions of boundaries and proximity. It has been an extended and ongoing attempt to represent alienation in depictions of compromised human physicality. Her works are shot through with a sense of claustrophobia – of ourselves being repressed by our bodies, and our bodies being repressed and contained by the physical world.

   - Rut Blees Luxemburg


2025 - 2021 PhD Sculpture, Belas Artes, Lisbon, PT
2016 - 2014 MA Photography, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2012 - 2009 BA Photography, London College of Communication, London, UK


What Grows...,Solo Show, Import Export Gallery, Warsaw, PL




Solo Booth, Galeria Foco x Artissima Art Fair, Turin, IT
What Grows...,Solo Show, Import Export Gallery, Warsaw, PL
I constantly wonder what time it is where you are, curated by Hana Ostan Ožbolt, Sector 1 Gallery, Bucharest, RO
Wait, when the moon rises, then I see the crumbs of bread that I scattered, and they will show us the way home, curated by Julia Reichelt, 12. Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt, DE
InsideOut, Solo Show, Galeria Foco, Lisbon, PT
Motobody.zip, Group Show, Galeria Foco, Lisbon, PT


Certain Shapes, Solo Show, Import Export Gallery in Collaboration with Her Clique 
Solo Booth, Galeria Foco x Arco Lisboa, Lisbon, PT
Solo Booth, Photo London x Import Export Gallery, London, UK
If Only, Group Show, Mono, Lisbon, PT
Fillers, Solo Show Spazio Volta, Bergamo, IT 


Manhattan, Solo Show, Import Export, October 2021, Warsaw, PL
Amuse Bouche, Group Show, Galeria Foco, April 2021, Lisbon, PT


Feelers, Solo Show, Galeria Foco, Lisbon, PT
Arco Lisboa 2020 (Virtual Edition), Group Presentation by Galeria Foco, Lisbon, PT
Fragile Surface-Fluid Mass, Martch Art, Istanbul,TU
Laend,skeip,Thirdbase, Lisbon, PT


Erro, Homem Mau, Lisbon, PT 
Life Framer Photography Prize, Officine Fotografiche, Milan, IT
A Small Gesture A Great Help, Charity Exhibition for Children of Mozambique, Palácio do Correio Velho, Lisbon, PT
Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Represented by Galeria Foco, Booth 206, Istanbul,TU
MDAM self published book presented at Arts Libris,ARCO Lisboa, PT
Marysas, Mia Dudek & Arda Asena, curated by Nick Hackworth, Galerist, Istanbul, TU
MDAM self published book presented at Arts Libris, ARCO Lisboa, PT
Capitulo I, Group Show,  AMAC, Lisbon, PT


Geometric Shape Dissolved. The Body Collapsed - Solo Show, Azan Space, Lisbon, Portugal
Artist Talk & Presenation, Foco Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
Mia Dudek and Tulio Dek, Azan Space, Lisbon, Portugal
Process, Group Show, Azan Space, Lisbon, Portugal


MDAM, Unseen Amsterdam, NL
We Are One, Group Show, Gallery S O, London, UK
Skinscapes, Group Show, Unit1, London, UK
Self Identification, Photography Institute, Warsaw, Poland
MDAM, Offprint London, Tate Modern, London, U
MDAM, Mia Dudek & Alix Marie, Roman Road, London, UK


S.KIN,  Brighton Photo Fringe, Brighton, UK
Degree Show 2016, Royal College of Art, London, U
Offprint London, Tate Modern, London, UK


Work in Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK


BorderBody. Mixing Identities, International Art Expo, Mediteraneo Centro Artistico, Malaga, Spain


BorderBody. Mixing Cities, International Art Expo, Palazzo Ferrara, Bari, Italy


Degree Show, London College of Communication, London, UK


Art Against Knives, Boxpark Shoreditch, London, UK
The Third Factor Part 2, The Sassoon Gallery, London, UK
The Third Factor, The Sassoon Gallery, London, UK
Few & Far Between Part 2, The Rag Factory, London, UK
Few & Far Between, The Rag Factory, London, UK



Hotel Warszawa Art Fair, Warsaw, PL 
Arco Lisboa, Galeria Foco, Lisbon, PT
Photo London, Import Export Gallery, London, UK


Arco Lisboa 2020 (Virtual Edition), Galeria Foco, Lisbon, PT


Contemporary Istanbul, Galeria Foco, Booth B206
Arts Libris,ARCO Lisboa,Ateier Concorde,Book Stand,PT


Unseen, Plantation Journal, Book Stand, Amsterdam, NL
Photo London, Magnum Photos Graduate Photographers Award 2017, UK
Offprint London, Plantation Journal, Book Stand,Tate Modern, London, UK



6 months residency, Azan Space, Lisbon, PT


MoMA Library, New York City, USA
Libreria Marini Collection, Rome, Italy 
Franklin Furnace Archive in Brooklyn, New York, USA
Madelski Collection, Poland


Life Framer, The Body Award, USA - Shortlisted
Imago Lisboa, Portfolio Award, PT - Shortlisted
Life Framer, Civilisation Award, USA - Winner
Athens Photo Festival, 2019, Athens, GR - Shortlisted
Jerwood / Photoworks Award 2018, London, UK - Shortlisted
The Anamorphosis Prize 2018, New York City, USA - Special Jury Mention Winner
Magnum Photos Graduate Photographers Award 2017, Photo London, UK - Shortlisted
Leverhulme Trust, Royal College of Art, London, UK - Winner of the 1st Award
Micheal Wilson Prize, London College of Communication, London, UK - Winner of the 2nd Award
BorderBody. Mixing Cities, Bari, Italy - Winner of the Young Talents Award


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