edition of 100 

a collaborative publication between
Mia Dudek and Alix Marie
Edited by Trine Stephensen / The Plantation Journal

MDAM is a collaboration between The Plantation Journal and artists Mia Dudek and Alix Marie made on the occasion of their eponymous exhibition at Roman Road. This new publication takes a compelling look at the artists' experimental approaches to photography and sculpture. While their current exhibition gathers installations and more sculpture-based works, the MDAM book is a playful puzzle that brings together their photographic practices exploring bodily matters.

The Plantation Journal is an art initiative and project space, run by Trine Stephensen, showcasing explorations within the curatorial and photographic fields in the contemporary arts through exhibitions, workshops, events and publications. It presents a carefully curated selection of photographic works related to sculptural photography. MDAM is exploring the format of an exhibition catalogue, introducing work that is not necessarily seen in the show, but that has been essential for the creation of the exhibition at Roman Road.

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n on   tower  
artist book. edition of 10 
launched at Offprint London 2016 





S.KIN Journal  

issue 1  The Unfold 
launched at Offprint London 2016 



Royal College of Art  Photography 
launched at Koppel Projects, April 2016